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Our marriage was good overall, but my husband never satisfy me sexually, but it was a good man and treated me like a princess with gifts, as it blackass was, and still are very well done, I knew him before then came from an abusive relationship so I did believe I loved him and our blackass sex life would improve our minds, after 5 years and 3 children who are sexually frustrated and began to fantasize about sex good. It was my cousins ​​birthday and she was a girl were infinite, who wanted to relive their days alone and decided to crawl to blackass go to a pub where it is used as a drink only. I have a special effort to finite as fun a girl for a long time, I wore my black mini skirt with leather stockings and suspenders (my husband's socks, so I thought at least if I had a few drinks when I got home, mites sex is good) I wore my red Basque, showing my tits 34D outstanding sporting luckily I lost my figure, when the children who started in a bar and ordered blackass a bottle of Champa Chriscampaign, we took too quickly, he decided to become one of the bars they go to work, there was a club going, to fight in the bar and ordered two large vodkas and a shot of each, we left the bar and headed to a table at the edge of the track and that was when I found out, I met Chris and nodded in the direction where he was, saw at once that he was talking, I blackass was fascinated when he was a little was still beautiful hadnt changed, Chris began his eyes and waved, Steve just came and gave me a kiss on the cheek my stomach was turning somersaults, we talked blackass about what we had, which was the result, who divorced and lived on her own just five minutes from the inn, he said I was happily married, told me he never ceased to love and to tell you how happy my husband was gone, the conversation turned to sex could tell you While they were together I can not help agree and said that sex with my husband was not brilliant, but blackass evEry other way he was perfect, I could not help but always think it would be like to catch it again. We still had a few drinks until Chris said he wanted to go home when I was angry, I said I was not ready to go and ordered a taxi, I saw her in the car and said goodbye, I turned I walked back to the bar, Steve got in my way, took my hand and led me to one side of the bar, where he leaned over and started kissing me forced her mouth open, his hand found my right tit and started to caress my nipples through my Basque, he always told me blackass what a good fuck I was and how I loved rough, I could feel my pussy getting wet, he pushed his body against me and his cock was rock hard and so great to remember to open, he pushed my legs and rubbed my what the hell that became the new, I said and I feel like a shit for old times sake, I said yes, but would have to be quick, this stage I could not resist more or less ran back to his apartment, he i pushed men Call the main door and the wall made ​​me kiss me pulled my hair and fucking me, he turned away and told me to undress, as I always pinch my nipples with his thumb and index finger, while his others hand touched my pussy to the room where I threw it on the bed and went, he was beside me and started kissing me, forced her legs spread and rammed three fingers in my pussy wet, I played until I was underway knelt and put his huge rock hard cock in my mouth so big chicken for blackass my husband, he moved the fingers of my pussy fingering my ass screaming cream made ​​me feel satisfied, because his finger began to fuck my ass , pulled out his dick he calls my mouth and grabbed me by my hair slut and slag, which only made ​​me more and more, released me and pushed me toward the side of the bed and put my legs on his shoulders and slammed his cock in my wet pussy, I held my breath, as so great that it was once again Steve, hs hit me in the face while cursing me, I fucked hard until I cum again, pulled out his penis and he turned and lifted her hips and forced his cock in my wet ass, I screamed with joy when I am in love with the ass, took me until cum has clothed us, and he said he was still the best fuck she had, I thought it once, but I have it twice, because just looking for sex though.
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